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Book Review: Scattered Constellations by Ankita Singh

Book Title: Scattered Constellations

Author:  Ankita Singh

Format: Kindle

Total Number of pages: 78

Language: English

Genre:  Young Adult Free Verse Poetry Collection

Publisher: Amazon Direct Publishing

Publishing Date: July 31st, 2018



Words tumble out, with no pause;
From the pen, my anelace,
That I hold so graciously,
(In awe of its majesty, its power)
In my hand.

They form thoughts, hopes and musings;
Reflect my soul, my entire being,
And spread across the page,
Like scattered constellations
Across the sky.

(Scattered Constellations is a YA Free Verse Poetry collection.)


My Take:

The book consists of 50 poems broadly divided into three sections:




The writing is simple, lucid and crisp. The subjects of the poems range from young love, all the heartbreak that comes with it, emotionally abusive relationships, parents, pets and everything in between.

The poetry does not use extravagant and flowery language and the simplicity of the language is what gets to the heart. It has something for everyone. It is not one of those extraordinary books that come along to change your lives. It is one of those books that give voice to all those emotions that everyone experiences in their ordinary lives but fail to express in words.

Teenage romance and heart break are dominating themes for most poems. It’s a beautiful attempt at poetry writing and comes as a beautiful piece of work from a 17 year old poetess.

Overall a good casual read.

My rating: 3.5/5

Grab your copy here:

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